Anarchist library La Discordia

Discord is profound disagreement, violent dissent that puts people in opposition and sets them against each other. What we want to encourage rather is for it to set them against this old world and its defenders, as is already happening here and there in the many acts of rebellion and insubordination. There is no question of us throwing water on the glowing embers of these revolts, but rather of throwing, like the goddess Discordia [Eris], the apple of discord into the middle of this society where mercantile and repressive relations seem to have taken the upper hand over mutual aid, solidarity and the search for a life that we would like to live. Also against the wide resignation and search for consensus at all costs – even at the cost of apathy.

Outside all dogmas and with an anarchist perspective, La Discordia is a library that aims to nourish a revolutionary project in some of its fundamental aspects: reading, debate, theory, writing, paper, discussion. A place to meet to share information on current events of the revolutionary and anti-authoritarian movement throughout the world, to compare ideas, discover, dig; a place where discussion is not necessarily synonymous with consensus and is not reserved for specialists. It is also a physical place to get out of everything virtual, with debates in person, face to face and in sharing. It is books, newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, posters and other documents, archives of today and yesterday to contribute to the transmission of the history of individual and collective struggles. Anything that can further the development of ideas, rupture with the State, politics and Capitalism. If Discordia caused the Trojan War with her provocative action, we hope with ours to contribute in some way to the war against all authority, adding fuel to its ideas.

La Discordia is an autonomous (and in deficit) library, which also depends on your support and participation. Located in the northeast of Paris, it is a question of making more visible and accessible a still discreet but continuous anarchist presence in these neighbourhoods for some years.

Feel free to consult the program and the catalogue, and especially to pass to borrow books, work quietly on the archives, discover new texts and pamphlets, go through the distro, leave publications, discuss, propose something or just spend a few hours outside of widespread resignation.

Books, not cops !

ladiscordia (at)

Bibliothèque anarchiste La Discordia
45, rue du Pré Saint-Gervais
75019 – Paris